How can you help? If you recognize the value of investing resources in strategic ocean solutions or want a platform for your corporate community to participate in, we can work together on strategic ocean solutions. Our partnerships take many forms: from cash and in-kind donations to cause-related marketing campaigns. Our fiscally sponsored projects also work with partners on many different levels. Please visit the hosted projects page to learn more. These cooperative efforts are helping to restore and protect our ocean.

In 2008 ABSOLUT Vodka and The Ocean Foundation teamed up to restore seagrass beds in coastal areas around major metropolitan areas. As part of the ABSOLUT Global Cooling™ campaign, ABSOLUT made a donation that restored more than 4,000 square feet of damaged seagrass located at Knight’s Key Bank in the NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.


Alaskan Brewing Co. (ABC) is not only dedicated to crafting really good beer, but also really good philanthropy. As part of a company-wide commitment to environmental stewardship, Alaskan Brewing company partnered with The Ocean Foundation in 2007 to create the Coastal CODE Fund, providing grants for activities that promote the health of the Pacific Ocean, its coasts, and the waterways that lead to it through the donation of 1% of all proceeds from Alaskan IPA. Between 2007-2013 over 50,000 volunteers have removed over 1 million pounds of marine debris.

The Ocean Foundation helped set up the St. Kitts Foundation to ensure sustainable development and to invest 1% of gross sales from the South Peninsula Resort back into the community.


The philanthropic focus at Columbia is outdoor education and conservation. They support organizations who share their passion for the great outdoors, believing that outdoor education and conservation ensure everyone will be able to enjoy the outdoors for generations to come. Since 2009 Columbia Sportswear has been proud to outfit TOF staff, project managers and employees with in-kind gear needed to perform field research critical to ocean conservation. In 2010 Columbia Sportswear partnered with The Ocean Foundation, Bass Pro Shops and Academy Sports + Outdoors to Save the Seagrass.

The Ocean Foundation and ISSF are mutually committed to the preservation and conservation of all sea turtle species. ISSF trusts TOF’s expertise to handle all of their sea turtle conservation and research grantmaking via an independent scientific panel of advisors. Over five years, we have been able support sea turtle conservation projects in 13 countries, including Project Tamar, where we have provided more than $450,000 to support the protection of loggerhead turtles in Bahia over the past four years.


TOF partnered with JetBlue Airways in 2013 to focus on the long-term health of the Caribbean's oceans and beaches, as a “Commitment to Action” developed through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Our study is working to prove that there is statistically relevant evidence that airline revenue is affected by the cleanliness of beaches. By translating conservation into financial language, we can put a universal business concept, Return On Investment (ROI), on sustainability.


TOF worked with Kerzner International Ltd. In the design and creation of the Kerzner Marine Foundation its grantmaking strategy and procedures and in hiring their first CEO. The Blue Project, part of the foundation, continues to provide grants to support marine science in the Bahamas.


In 2004, The Ocean Foundation helped set up the Loreto Bay Foundation to ensure sustainable development and to invest 1% of gross sales of real estate in the Villages of Loreto Bay back into the community of Loreto. From 2005-2008 the Foundation received nearly $1.2 million dollars from sales, as well as additional gifts from individual local donors. The development has since been sold, halting revenues into the Foundation. However, there is a strong demand by Loreto residents to see the Foundation revived and its work continued.


TOF served on the Environmental Program Advisory Group for the Cargill Foundation to design and develop its environment grantmaking program.


The Ocean Foundation and Pacific Life Foundation are mutually committed to the preservation and conservation of this highly endangered marine mammal species in North America. The Pacific Life Foundation trusts TOF expertise and access to best-in-class projects to serve as their administrator to strategize, manage and oversee their grant agreements and distribution of funds from start to finish for ease of implementation and maximum project impact.