Monday is February 29, LEAP DAY.  You have 24 whole extra hours this year so #SEAStheDay!  Take advantage of LEAP DAY to to start a new good habit, get rid of an old bad one, do something you’ve been putting off, or even change the direction of your entire life!  Here are some tips from the TOF staff and our friends at Fair Harbor to get you started!

1. Go an entire day without using “single-use” plastics.

2. Avoid carbon-emitting methods of transportation for an entire day. Walk or bike to work!

3. You could watch Mission Blue 17 times in a row!
#3 mission blue.png

4. Skip eating meat for a day to help lower your carbon footprint!

5. Remember to grab your reusable bag before heading to the store.
#5 bag.png

6. Come up with a great idea for a new eco-friendly business! Our friends at Fair Harbor Clothing are college students who did just that!

7. Take a trip to the ocean and stick your toes in the sand (or snow!) It does wonders for the mind.

8. Buy a reusable water bottle! 
#8 water bottle.png

9. Calculate and offset your carbon footprint with SeaGrass Grow! Be aware of your personal impact on the planet.
SummerMacbook Air.png

10. Try to live a day with zero waste! Make zero trash. This girl does it year round. 

11. Use this extra day to learn more about the ocean.

12. Start composting your food waste. Many cities have composting programs, diverting food waste from landfills.

13. If you use products with microbeads, use the day to find alternatives before the ban goes into effect.

14. Go visit a marine sanctuary! Stroll the beach, ride the surf!

15. Take this extra day to get rid of those old clothes you have in the back of your closet.

16. Hold onto your butts! Or stop smoking altogether.
#16 caigarette.png

17. Review your investments and make moves to divest from fossil fuels.
#17 fossil fuel.png

18. Participate in a local beach clean-up! Not close to a beach? Just venture outside and pick up some trash, about 80% of the marine debris comes from land based sources.
#18 beach clean.png

19. Grab your to-go coffee in your own cup. Bring your own coffee container to the cafe.

20. Binge watch all three Sharknado movies.

21. Unplug everything. 
#21 unplug2.png

22. Read more tips on how to #SEAStheDay from our World Oceans Day project.

23. Share this blog and submit your own suggestions on social media!

24. Donate to The Ocean Foundation!