The Ocean Foundation’s Channels are standalone websites that showcase our public-facing programs.

The Ocean Foundation’s CURRENTS program educates and empowers global citizens to become ocean advocates. We provide the tools for taking action, while raising funds and awareness to help defend, protect, and preserve ocean environments across the globe. CURRENTS pools together small, individual and corporate donations based on what our donors choose to support and distribute the money raised in those specific categories as grants to conservation projects, researchers, and education programs across the globe. We support individuals and groups who are dedicated to doing amazing, impactful work, enabling them to achieve results.

Individual and corporate donors looking to support a topic they love can choose between eight ocean “passions” to donate directly or create their own fundraisers. Donations to each passion are pooled together over time to support ocean heroes doing great work around the world, Most of the ocean heroes we fund focus all of their attention on making a difference rather than maintaining a public face. We are proud to be a voice on their behalf.

Causes that can be supported through CURRENTS:

No matter what ocean cause you’re passionate about, you can be confident that your donation will create real impact. As a program of The Ocean Foundation CURRENTS’ transparency and impact are among the best of all nonprofits. TOF has achieved the highest possible ratings on both Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

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