“When you realize the Earth is so much more than simply your environment, you’ll be moved to protect her in the same way as you would yourself. This is the kind of awareness, the kind of awakening that we need, and the future of the planet depends on whether we’re able to cultivate this insight or not.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Ocean State of Mind is a mindfulness-based ocean science & research initiative supporting ocean conservation and human health. We are passionate about expanding access and awareness to evidence-based mindfulness practices and awe-inspiring ocean experiences that support ocean conservation efforts.

Launched after the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the Ocean State of Mind podcast uncovers what the wisdom of the ocean can teach humanity right now. Listen to the podcast here. Follow ocean explorers, researchers, advocates, environmentalists and aquaculturists, as they share the wisdom, tools and practices learned from the ocean that enable anyone to create a life of purpose, health and happiness in concert with the needs of our ocean planet.

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