TrezCo Systems is a research and development organization based in Foster City, California with the goal of developing products and technologies to support ocean science exploration by citizen scientists and academic researchers.

The approach is to leverage both the maker movement and open-source development to create low cost solutions that can be used by those who want to explore our oceans and lakes.

Much progress has been made in the last several years in the area of underwater drones – or ROVs as they are called.  These new micro-ROVs are small enough and inexpensive enough that citizen scientists and explorers can use them to visit the underwater world and experience it’s mysteries.  Monitoring of the marine habitat, geology and archaeology is now possible for individuals.  One of the pioneering groups in this area is OpenROV in Berkeley, CA (

TrezCo Systems is developing sensors and systems that can be used by micro ROVs/AUVs and even divers.  The initial areas of focus are acoustics/navigation and communications.