Alexandra Refosco

Senior Program Associate

Alexandra is a Research Associate at The Ocean Foundation. Growing up in a beach town, Alexandra learned to swim before she could walk and has always felt a deep connection to the ocean. Alexandra holds an MA in U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security from American University, and a dual degree in International Relations and History from Florida State University with additional coursework in Anthropology and Museum Studies. Alexandra is interested in the intersection of international relations and ocean policy. 

Since beginning her career at The Ocean Foundation (TOF) Alexandra has been dedicated to managing the research pages on TOF’s website. These Research Pages resemble annotated Bibliography on various ocean topics for the general public, students, and scientists alike. Alexandra is particularly interested in work pertaining to Underwater Cultural Heritage and the nexus of natural and cultural conservation. In this role, she presented on the intersection of Seabed Mining and Underwater Cultural Heritage at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s 2021 virtual conference. Alexandra further worked on a comprehensive international ocean acidification legislation guidebook that was presented at the Ocean Acidification Day of Action in January 2020, with an update in January 2021. Additionally, Alexandra was a co-author of the book chapter Greening the Blue Economy: A Transdisciplinary Analysis published in Sustainability in the Marine Domain: Towards Ocean Governance and Beyond, eds. Carpenter, A., Johansson, T, and Skinner, J. (2021).

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