Charlotte Jarvis


Charlotte Jarvis is working with The Ocean Foundation as a consultant on Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH). She has a BA in History from Durham University where she wrote her undergraduate dissertation, ‘Superstitious Seadogs and Logical Landlubbers: The Scientific Revolution and Climate Change at Sea’, on sailors’ beliefs and the reluctance of landsmen to accept the knowledge of climate change from sailors. She received her MSc in Maritime Archaeology and Conservation from Texas A&M University with a thesis titled ‘Gin and Genever Consumption by the British and the Dutch During the Age of Sail’. She also has experience working in museums and with public history and she loves the ocean and SCUBA diving!

Charlotte Jarvis works with TOF Senior Fellow Ole Varmer  on a variety of projects including an overview of US state UCH laws, editing and review work for government reports, and as the project coordinator and Editor-in-Chief for the Threats to Our Ocean Heritage book project. She and Ole have also worked with Legal Office Bobbi-Jo Dobush to help highlight the mix of natural and cultural heritage at risk from seabed mining. 

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