Courtnie Park

Program Associate & D.E.I.J. Committee Chair

After earning her bachelor’s degrees in biology and urban, regional, and global studies from The Ohio State University, Courtnie Park first entered the ocean conservation world in 2019 when she joined The Ocean Foundation to explore her passion for the environment and capacity building.

As a founding co-leader of EquiSea: The Ocean Science Fund for All which aims to improve global equity in ocean science, Courtnie worked directly with the leadership team of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences as well as collaborating with hundreds of international stakeholders in the ocean science community. In addition, Courtnie has co-authored a chapter in The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry entitled Plastics in the Aquatic Environment – Part II. 

From spending her childhood summers on the shores and islands of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes of the United States, to exploring the world in all of her spare time, she further solidified her affinity for the environment. Courtnie now works on The Ocean Foundation’s Blue Resilience Initiative team primarily working on proposal development, grant and contract writing, and database management (Salesforce and Google Drive).

In her spare time Courtnie enjoys exploring the world, satisfying her endless curiosity for all things, and capturing nature, stories, and perspectives through photography and writing.

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