Rylee Callahan


Rylee is currently in school at Liberty University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications. She joined TOF summer of 2023 as an intern on the External Relations Team. Rylee has always had a passion for conservation and environmentalism, especially within the context of the ocean, and was seeking a way to combine that with her zeal for marketing and communications. She is a visionary and is constantly looking for ways to improve and inspire new marketing trends. Rylee’s experience lies mostly within the world of social media and is excited to expand that into other categories, such as brand marketing and public relations while working with the External Relations Team at TOF. 

Rylee seeks to spread awareness on topics such as climate change and ocean health and works to be sustainable in her own life. She is inspired by traveling and wants to fuel this inspiration by continuing to explore the ocean whenever she gets the chance. Rylee spends most of her free time visiting new places and hopes to one day be able to travel to Europe and learn about various cultures there.

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