Lloyd’s Register Foundation

TOF Partner

Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent global charity that builds global coalitions for change. The Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Heritage & Education Centre is a public-facing library and archive holding material concerning over 260 years of marine and engineering science and history. The Centre is focused on increasing the understanding and importance of maritime safety and examining the lessons we can learn from the past that will help us shape a safer ocean economy for tomorrow.

The Ocean Foundation is the only community foundation for the ocean dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments, and will work with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Heritage & Education Centre to engage a range of ocean health stakeholders with the simple message, “If it’s not safe, it’s not sustainable”.

The Ocean Foundation (TOF) and LRF HEC will collaborate to support good choices by policy makers, investors and by wider consumers, raising general awareness and creating good ocean citizens. Ocean citizens understand and act on rights and responsibilities towards a safe and sustainable ocean. TOF will work closely with the LRF HEC to maximise opportunities presented by the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainability and to highlight the importance of ocean heritage (natural and cultural). The LRF HEC and TOF will work together to set a new programme in motion – Learning From the Past (https://hec.lrfoundation.org.uk/get-involved/learning-from-the-past ). This will embed the importance of a historical perspective in finding solutions to contemporary challenges connected to ocean safety, conservation, and sustainable use.