The Ocean Foundation’s projects span the globe and cover a myriad of issues and topics. Each of our projects works within our four core areas: ocean literacy, protecting species, conserving habitats, and building the capacity of the marine conservation community.

Two-thirds of our projects address international ocean issues. We’re proud to support the people who run our projects as they work around the globe to protect our world ocean.

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Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program

Hosted Project

Redesigning Plastics

TOF Initiative

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Tourism Action Coalition for a Sustainable Ocean

ABOUT THE COALITIONThe Coalition brings together businesses, the financial sector, NGOs, and IGOs,  leading the way towards a sustainable tourism ocean economy. These leaders are committed to collective action and knowledge …

Image of various games cards, dice and packaging.

Friends of Game Genius

Game Genius is a nonprofit that provides play-based services and experiences to support leaders, organizations, and socially beneficial initiatives in the Greater Washington DC region. Every year, Game Genius focuses …

An image of a sawfish.

Friends of Sawfish Conservation Society

The Sawfish Conservation Society (SCS) was established as a not-for-profit in 2018 to connect the world to advance global sawfish education, research, and conservation. The SCS was founded on the …

Who Saved The Whale Lagoon

“Who Saved The Whale Lagoon” is a project to document the remarkable interspecies connection, indeed love, between humans and whales at Laguna San Ignacio – a beautiful, isolated lagoon along …

Dolphin jumping in waves with surfers

Saving Ocean Wildlife

Saving Ocean Wildlife was formed to study and protect marine mammals, sea turtles and all wildlife that reside or transit through the Pacific Ocean waters off the West Coast of …

Girl in ocean on a kayak looking up at mountains

The Live Blue Foundation

Our Mission: The Live Blue Foundation was created to put Blue Mind science and best practices into action—safely getting people near, in, on and under water for life. Our Vision: …

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Keep Loreto Magical

The ecological ordinance defines the goal, and the defense is science-driven and oriented in community-engagement. Loreto is a special town in a special place on an amazing body of water, the Gulf …

Ocean Acidification Day of Action

In 2018, The Ocean Foundation launched its Waves of Change campaign to raise awareness of the issue of ocean acidification, culminating with the Ocean Acidification Day of Action on January 8, 2019.

SeaGrass Grow

SeaGrass Grow is the first and only blue carbon calculator – planting and protecting coastal wetlands to fight climate change.

Plastic Trash on Beach

Redesigning Plastics Initiative

The Problem  Plastic can be found in thousands of products as a solution to basic engineering and technical challenges (lighter components in vehicles, planes, vessels, and packaging to reduce energy …


Sustainable Aquaculture

Sustainable aquaculture could be the key to feeding our growing population. Currently, 42% of the seafood we consume is farmed, but there are no regulations that constitute what “good” aquaculture …

Scientist at our Ocean Acidification Monitoring Workshop in Fiji collecting water samples

International Ocean Acidification Initiative

Across the globe, seawater chemistry is changing faster than at any time in earth’s history. As increased carbon dioxide emissions dissolve into the ocean, its chemical makeup is altered, becoming …

Blue Resilience Initiative

The increasingly severe effects of climate change on coastal communities is resulting in recurring and widespread loss of property and human lives. The devastation inflicted by strengthening storm events and …

Ocean waves crashing on shore

Research and Development for the 71%

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface.  Ocean resources are shared and relied upon by all. Inherited jointly and freely, the ocean, coasts and marine ecosystems are held in …

Coral Fish

Friends of Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International is committed to improving the lives of people around the world and the environments they rely upon through tourism. By leveraging the power of travel and tourism, …

Ocean Skyline Ocean Network works to support the reduction of plastic in our waterways and ocean by providing a much-needed meta-level overview so that those concerned can more easily find out about organizations and …

Big Ocean

Big Ocean is the only peer-learning network created ‘by managers for managers’ (and managers in the making) of large-scale marine areas. Our focus is management and best practice. Our goal …

Sawfish Underwater

Friends of Havenworth Coastal Conservation

Havenworth Coastal Conservation was established in 2010 (then Haven Worth Consulting) by Tonya Wiley to conserve coastal ecosystems through science and outreach. Tonya received a Bachelor of Science degree in …

Conservación ConCiencia

Conservación ConCiencia aims to promote sustainable development in Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Anchor Coalition Project

The purpose of the Anchor Coalition Project is to help build sustainable communities by using renewable energy (MRE) technologies to power homes.



SEVENSEAS is a new free publication that promotes marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism. The magazine and website serves the public by focusing on conservation issues, stories …

Redfish Rocks Community Team

The mission of the Redfish Rocks Community Team (RRCT) is to support the success of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area (“Redfish Rocks”) and the community through …

Overlooking Whales

The Wise Laboratory Field Research Program

The Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology conducts state-of-the-art research aimed at understanding how environmental toxicants affect the health of humans and marine animals. This mission is accomplished through the …

Kids Running

Fundación Tropicalia

Fundación Tropicalia, established in 2008 by the Cisneros Real Estate project Tropicalia, a sustainable tourism real-estate development, designs and implements programs for the Miches community located in northeast Dominican Republic …

Sea Turtle Research

Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund

This fund provides support to projects that enhance our understanding of sea turtles.


Georgia Strait Alliance

Description: Since 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance has been the only citizens’ group focused on protecting the marine environment in and around the whole Strait of Georgia — the place where …


Friends of the Delta

The delta, this great wilderness we were so lucky to inherit, can’t take care of itself anymore.

Song SAA

Song Saa

The Song Saa Foundation, which is a not-for-profit body registered as a local non-government organization under the laws of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia. The headquarters of the organization are …

Pro Esteros

Pro Esteros was formed in 1988 as a bi-national grassroots organization; founded by a group of scientists from Mexico and the U.S. to protect Baja California coastal wetlands. Today, they …

Nesting Sea Turtle on Beach

La Tortuga Viva

“One turtle at a time. One person at a time” La Tortuga Viva (LTV) is a non-profit organisation working to turn the tide on sea turtle extinction by conserving native …

Coral Reef

Island Reach

Island Reach is a volunteer project with the mission to help build biocultural resilience from ridge to reef in Vanuatu, Melanesia, an area recognized as an ecological and cultural hotspot. …

Measuring Sea Turtles 2

Grupo Tortuguero

The Grupo Tortuguero works with local communities to recover migratory sea turtles. The objectives of the Grupo Tortuguero are: Build a strong conservation network Develop our understanding of human-caused threats …

Kids on Sailboat

Deep Green Wilderness

Deep Green Wilderness, Inc. owns and operates the historic sailboat Orion as a floating classroom for students of all ages. With a firm belief in the value of a sailboat …

World Oceans Day

World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day unites the world for action in June and grows collaborative conservation every day of the year for our blue planet. On June 8 every year, World Ocean …

The Ocean Project

The Ocean Project

The Ocean Project advances action for conservation in collaboration with aquariums, zoos, museums, youth leaders, and other partners in a growing global network. Everything The Ocean Project does is based …

Tag A Giant


Tag-A-Giant Fund (TAG) is committed to reversing the decline of northern bluefin tuna populations by supporting the scientific research necessary to develop innovative and effective policy and conservation initiatives. We …

Workers Measuring Beach


SURMAR/ASIMAR aspires to deepen our understanding of natural processes in the central Gulf of California to conserve natural resources and enhance ecosystem health in this important region. It’s programs are …

Ray Swimming

Shark Advocates International

Shark Advocates International (SAI) is dedicated to conserving some of the ocean’s most vulnerable, valuable, and neglected animals – the sharks. With the benefit of nearly two decades of achievement …

The Science Exchange

Our Vision is to create leaders who use science, technology, and international teamwork to tackle global conservation issues. Our Mission is to train the next generation to become scientifically literate, …

St. Croix Leatherback Project

St. Croix Leatherback Project works on projects that work to conserve and protect sea turtles on nesting beaches throughout the Caribbean and in Pacific Mexico. Using genetics, we work to answer …

Loggerhead Turtle

Proyecto Caguama

Proyecto Caguama (Operation Loggerhead) partners directly with fishermen to ensure the wellbeing of fishing communities and sea turtles alike. Fisheries bycatch can jeopardize both fishermen’s livelihoods and endangered species such …

Ocean Revolution

Ocean Revolution was created to change the way humans engage with the sea: to find, mentor, and network new voices and revive and amplify ancient ones. We look to the …

Ocean Connectors

The Ocean Connectors mission is to educate, inspire, and connect youth in underserved Pacific coastal communities through the study of migratory marine life. Ocean Connectors is an environmental education program …

Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program (LSIESP)

The Laguna San Ignacio Science Program (LSIESP) investigates the ecological status of the lagoon and its living marine resources, and provides science based information that is relevant to resource management …

High Seas Alliance

The High Seas Alliance is a partnership of organizations and groups aimed at building a strong common voice and constituency for the conservation of the high seas. 

International Fisheries Conservation Program

The purpose of this project is to promote management systems that will ensure the long-term sustainability of marine fisheries around the world. 

Hawksbill Turtle

Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative (ICAPO)

 ICAPO was formally established in July 2008 to promote the recovery of hawksbill turtles in the eastern Pacific.

Deep Sea Mining Campaign

The Deep Sea Mining Campaign is an association of NGOs and citizens from Australia, Papua New Guinea and Canada concerned about the likely impact of DSM on marine and coastal ecosystems and communities. 

Caribbean Marine Research and Conservation Program

The CMRC’s mission is to build sound scientific collaboration between Cuba, the United States and neighboring countries that share marine resources. 

Inland Ocean Rally

Inland Ocean Coalition

IOC Vision: For citizens and communities to take an active role in improving the impacts and relationships between the inland, the coasts, and the ocean.

Coastal Coordination

Coordination provided by the innovative “Adopt an Ocean” project is now building on a three-decade bipartisan tradition of protecting sensitive waters from risky offshore drilling.

World Ocean

Blue Climate Solutions

Blue Climate Solutions’ mission is to promote the conservation of the world’s coasts and oceans as viable solution to the climate change challenge.