Do you want to learn more about an emerging ocean issue but don’t know where to start? Our Knowledge Hub is here to help.  

We strive to enhance the generation and dissemination of up-to-date, objective and accurate knowledge and information on ocean issues. As a community foundation, we provide this Knowledge Hub as a free resource. When possible, we also work to provide rapid response research to catalyze action on urgent ocean issues. 

The Ocean Foundation has maintained an active voice in a wide variety of ocean issues. As a result of being a trusted consultant, facilitator, researcher, and collaborator, we are proud to be able to provide the public a thorough collection of key publications that have guided our work.

Our research page provides carefully curated and annotated bibliographies from our thorough review of publications and other resources on key ocean topics.


Our publications page provides materials authored or co-authored by The Ocean Foundation on key ocean topics.


Annual Reports

Read the Ocean Foundation’s annual reports from each fiscal year. These reports provide a comprehensive guide to the Foundation’s activities and financial performance throughout these years.