We have launched our own initiatives to fill gaps in conservation work and build lasting relationships. These core ocean conservation initiatives provide leading contributions to the global ocean conservation dialogue on the topics of ocean acidification, ocean literacy, blue carbon, and plastic pollution.

Community Ocean Engagement

Ocean Science Equity


Scientists prepare the seagrass for planting

Blue Resilience Initiative

We rally private investors, nonprofit organizations, and government actors to restore and protect coastal ecosystems that increase our climate resilience, reduce pollution, and promote a sustainable blue economy.

Kayaking on the water

Community Ocean Engagement Global Initiative

We support the development of marine education community leaders and empower students of all ages to translate ocean literacy into conservation action around the world.

Scientists on boat with pH sensor

Ocean Science Equity Initiative

Our ocean is changing faster than ever before. We ensure that all countries and communities can monitor and respond to these changing ocean conditions – not just those with the most resources. 

Concept environmental pollution ocean and water with plastic and human waste. Aerial top view.

Plastics Initiative

We work to influence sustainable production and consumption of plastics, to achieve a truly circular economy. We believe this begins with prioritizing materials and product design to protect human and environmental health.