Loreto Bay Company

Special Project

The Ocean Foundation created a Resort Partnership Lasting Legacy Model, designing and consulting for the philanthropy arms of the sustainable resort developments in Loreto Bay, Mexico. Our resort partnership model provides a turn-key meaningful and measurable Community Relations platform for resorts. This public-private partnership provides a lasting environmental legacy for the local community for future generations.

This innovative partnership provides funds for local conservation and sustainability, as well as fostering long-term positive community relations. The Ocean Foundation only works with vetted developers who incorporate best practices into their developments for the highest levels of social, economic, aesthetic, and ecological sustainability during planning, construction, and operation.

TOF helped create and manage a strategic fund on behalf of the resort. TOF distributed grants to support local organizations focused on protecting the natural environment and improving the quality of life for local residents. This dedicated source of revenue for the local community provides ongoing support for invaluable projects.

In 2004, The Ocean Foundation worked with the Loreto Bay Company to help set up the Loreto Bay Foundation to ensure sustainable development and to invest 1% of gross sales of real estate in the Villages of Loreto Bay back into the community of Loreto. From 2005-2008 the Loreto Bay Foundation received nearly $1.2 million dollars from sales, as well as additional gifts from individual local donors. The development has since been sold, halting revenues into the Foundation. However, there is a strong demand by Loreto residents to see the Foundation revived and its work continued.

In 2006 when Hurricane John hit, the Loreto Bay Foundation provided a grant to support fuel and related costs, the Baja Bush Pilots (BBP) members began to ferry the relief supplies from La Paz and Los Cabos up to the airport at Loreto. Around 100 boxes were delivered to 40+ ranchos.

One program that continues to thrive is the clinic that provides neutering (and other health) services for cats and dogs—reducing the number of strays (and thus disease, negative interactions, etc.), and in turn predation on birds and other small animals, and other effects of overpopulation.