Rockefeller Capital Management

Special Project

In 2020, The Ocean Foundation (TOF) helped launch the Rockefeller Climate Solutions Strategy, which seeks to identify profitable investment opportunities that restore and support the health and sustainability of the world’s ocean. In this effort, Rockefeller Capital Management has collaborated with The Ocean Foundation since 2011, on a prior fund, the Rockefeller Ocean Strategy, to gain specialized insight and research on marine trends, risks and opportunities, as well as analysis of coastal and ocean conservation initiatives. Applying this research alongside its internal asset management capabilities, Rockefeller Capital Management’s experienced investment team will work to identify a portfolio of public companies whose products and services seek to meet the present and future needs of a healthy human relationship with the oceans.

For more information on sustainable ocean investments, please see this report from the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative:

Turning the Tide: How to finance a sustainable ocean recovery: A practical guide for financial institutions to lead a sustainable ocean recovery, downloadable on this website. This seminal guidance is a market-first practical toolkit for financial institutions to pivot their activities towards financing a sustainable blue economy. Designed for banks, insurers and investors, the guidance outlines how to avoid and mitigate environmental and social risks and impacts, as well as highlighting opportunities, when providing capital to companies or projects within the blue economy. Five key ocean sectors are explored, chosen for their established connection with private finance: seafood, shipping, ports, coastal and marine tourism and marine renewable energy, notably offshore wind.

To read a recent October 7, 2021 report, Climate Change: The Mega Trend Reshaping Economies and Markets — by Casey Clark, Deputy CIO and Global Head of ESG Investments — click here.