The World Resources Institute (WRI) México

TOF Partner

WRI Mexico and The Ocean Foundation join forces to reverse the destruction of the country’s ocean and coastal ecosystems.

Through its Forests program, the World Resources Institute (WRI) Mexico, entered into an alliance in which a memorandum of understanding was signed with The Ocean Foundation to, as partners, work together for the development of projects and related activities  with the conservation of the marine and coastal territory in national and international waters, as well as for the conservation of marine species.

It will seek to delve into issues such as ocean acidification, blue carbon, coral and mangrove restoration, the phenomenon of sargassum in the Caribbean, and fishing activities that include destructive practices, such as bycatch, and bottom trawling, in addition to policies and practices that affect local and global fishing.

“There is a very strong relationship between mangrove ecosystems and forest restoration, that is where the Forests program joins the work of The Ocean Foundation; the blue carbon issue is linked to the Climate program, since the ocean is a great carbon sink”, explained Javier Warman, Director of the Forests program at WRI Mexico, who oversees the alliance for WRI Mexico.

Pollution of the oceans by plastics will also be addressed through the actions and projects that will be carried out, seeking to reduce the scope and severity of persistent plastic pollution on the coasts and at sea, within specific regions of the world where pollution is a considerable problem.

On behalf of The Ocean Foundation, the supervisor of the alliance will be María Alejandra Navarrete Hernández, whose objective is to lay the foundations for the Ocean program at the World Resources Institute Mexico, as well as to strengthen the work of both institutions through collaboration in projects and joint actions.