Threats and Solutions


Global Destruction

Scientists estimate that we lose a seagrass meadow the size of a soccer field every 20 minutes.


Boating & Shipping

The damage a boat propeller can do in five seconds can take up to fifty years to heal. Props, anchors and vessel groundings literally rip seagrass from the ocean floor.


Coastal Development

Coastal development such as resorts, piers, residential areas and marinas often require the dredging of adjacent seagrass meadows during construction.


A Global Solution

Seagrass meadows can be found along the coasts of every continent except for Antarctica. The Ocean Foundation works with seagrass experts around the world on restoration and protection of these habitats.


Building Capacity

We frequently work with local groups and scientists who are planting seagrass for all kinds of reasons from coastal protection to scientific research on local flora and fauna. Essentially, doubling the impact of your offset donation.


Community Engagement

Through seminars, aquariums, and workshops The Ocean Foundation and our partners work to educate coastal communities about the value, ecology, and restoration of seagrass habitats along their own shores.