Coordination provided by the innovative “Adopt an Ocean” project is now building on a three-decade bipartisan tradition of protecting sensitive waters from risky offshore drilling and its routine toxic discharges and accompanying potential for disastrous major oil spills.  Florida’s beloved Gulf Coast and Panhandle, Alaska’s fragile Arctic Ocean and salmon-rich Bristol Bay, the iconic U.S. Atlantic shoreline from Maine to Georgia, and the entire Pacific Coast can only survive as we know them through focused and constructive responses to escalating political pressures for future offshore petroleum development.

Our vision continues to expand the present National Outer Continental Shelf Coalition in providing a trusted voice for our marine life, estuaries, and coastal waters, and to inform and represent the sustainable users of our oceans in the development of public offshore drilling policy.  In the lingering aftermath of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe, it’s essential that we continue to provide accurate information to the media, cultivate broader public awareness based on sound science, and advocate for sustainable oceans that can continue to benefit our economy and enrich our lives without placing our marine ecosystems in unnecessary jeopardy. We invite you to join us in this historic adventure by deciding to Adopt an Ocean of your own.

Media Contact: Richard Charter
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