Friends of The Nonsuch Expeditions supports ongoing Expeditions on the Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve, around Bermuda, into its surrounding waters and the Sargasso Sea. 

In the spirit of Nonsuch Island’s and Bermuda’s conservation history, under the “Nonsuch Expeditions” umbrella, we leverage and where needed develop technology for Conservation and Exploration and produce high-quality media for, Cultural Heritage Preservation and Educational Outreach.

Alongside our local, University, NGO, Media and Technology partners we develop timely solutions to conservation and other challenges using Nonsuch Island and Bermuda as the ultimate testing ground and field station. 

As one of our signature projects, in collaboration with the Bermuda Government and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology we have created the CahowCam project that helps manage, protect and showcase the Bermuda Petrel or “Cahow” a critically endangered, IUCN red-listed seabird, a “Lazarus Species” thought extinct for over 300 years, which is now back up to 155 pairs. 

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