The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface.  Ocean resources are shared and relied upon by all. Inherited jointly and freely, the ocean, coasts and marine ecosystems are held in trust for future generations.

At The Ocean Foundation, we devote our time to supporting and enhancing the diverse and growing needs of the marine conservation community to effectively respond to the urgent issues threatening our ocean, and to capitalize on key conservation solutions in cost-effective, thoughtful ways. Our Research and Development for the 71% allows us to provide such valuable support services, capacity building and to otherwise meet the needs of those who depend on the coasts and ocean for their livelihoods, subsistence, and recreation. We use the concept of working for the 71% to take advantage of immediate conservation opportunities and work on longer-term solutions.

Through our Research and Development for the 71% efforts, we maximize our investments to maximize the health of the coasts and ocean and of the communities that support them.

We conduct research and provide information to help the ocean-aware community of stakeholders identify best-in-class solutions to address the primary threats to the ocean. Then we integrate innovative science and technology with socio-economic, legal and political expertise to improve ocean governance and conservation around the world. At every opportunity, we strive to communicate the results of our R&D work in order to promote collaboration and information sharing across key ocean sectors and communities to increase replication of good ideas and avoid reinvention of the wheel.

Who is leading this work? Our strong, vibrant, and well-connected staff, board members, advisory board members, community of donors, grantees, and project teams respond to urgent global ocean issues, and seize on key marine conservation opportunities to ensure a vibrant ocean future.

TOF’s Research and Development for the 71% has helped the ocean thrive by focusing on three key areas to help find, fund, and shape ocean programs and local/national/international policy:

Information Gathering and Sharing

We work with the ocean community to identify primary ocean threats and analyze best-in-class solutions through a global information-exchange network. We help shape ocean conversation through active and open sharing of best practices, findings and initiatives.

Capacity Building

We increase the capacity of marine conservation organizations, and provide expert guidance to funders and foundations focusing on marine conservation.

Fostering Collaboration

We facilitate and promote cross-communication across ocean stakeholder communities to improve global ocean governance and conservation practices.

Your donation to Research and Development for the 71% will ensure that the resources being invested in ocean conservation are guided by well-informed priorities. This allows us the greatest flexibility in directing support to where it is most needed to advance the health of our global ocean.

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