Saving Ocean Wildlife was formed to study and protect the cetaceans, pinnipeds, and sea turtles that reside or transit through the Pacific Ocean waters off the West Coast of North America. Saving Ocean Wildlife’s range of study spans from Alaska to Mexico with our headquarters located in Southern California.

International partnerships will allow for cross-border collaborative working research and response relationships to improve research and protection for marine mammals and sea turtles. We recognize that these animals do not know international borders. Saving Ocean Wildlife will be the resource for up-to-date information on Pacific Ocean wildlife, providing you with tools and opportunities to actively engage with and support ocean wildlife. Saving Ocean Wildlife will focus on three main programs: Research and monitoring of cetaceans and pinnipeds from Alaska to Mexico Strengthening and coordination of the Los Angeles (LA) and Orange County (OC) large whale disentanglement teams Response to and analysis of dead marine mammals and sea turtles in Los Angeles (LA) and Orange County (OC).

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