Tag-A-Giant Fund (TAG) is committed to reversing the decline of northern bluefin tuna populations by supporting the scientific research necessary to develop innovative and effective policy and conservation initiatives. We engage scientists, policymakers, fishermen and citizens to chart the course toward rebuilding and maintaining sustainable populations of northern bluefin tuna in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Our vision is an abundant future for bluefin tuna and the fisheries that depend upon them — a guaranteed role for bluefin as a top predator in ocean ecosystems.

Giant bluefin tuna are monumental in size, speed, power – and value. Fisheries in the Atlantic alone generate $1 billion each year, and a single fish sold at market for $396,000 in January 2011. TAG research is showing the world how to improve management of bluefin fisheries to chart a course to recovery of the species. TAG has pioneered the field of electronic tagging, catching and releasing 1,800 wild bluefin tunas with highly sophisticated devices that record their journeys through the sea. Electronic tags – powered by the same microchips and communications technologies found in laptop computers and cell phones – have allowed us to look beneath the surface and explore the mysterious lives of bluefin tuna, including their migratory patterns, population structure, habitat preferences and behavior. TAG scientists are using this information, in addition to results from parallel studies on bluefin genetics and population modeling, to help resource managers and policy makers make better-informed decisions about how to manage these magnificent, invaluable fish.

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