The Coalition brings together businesses, the financial sector, NGOs, and IGOs,  leading the way towards a sustainable tourism ocean economy. These leaders are committed to collective action and knowledge sharing to achieve the vision. The Coalition is born as a response to the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy Transformations, and seeks to meet the goal of “Coastal and ocean-based tourism is sustainable, resilient, addresses climate change, reduces pollution, supports ecosystem regeneration and biodiversity conservation and invests in local jobs and communities”.

Marine and Coastal tourism that is collaborative and regenerative, enables environmental and climate resilience, integrates into local economies and generates economic benefits and social inclusion of communities and Indigenous Peoples while enhancing the traveler experience and resident’s wellbeing.

Healthy marine and coastal ecosystems are vital to a thriving tourism economy. However, as the economic and tourism value of the marine environment increases, so does the pressure on the natural resources on which it depends. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of the sector. Tourism will require a new vision with social inclusion and sustainability at its core, to achieve resilience and economic well-being.

1) Drive collective action to build resilience by measurably increasing coastal and marine protection and ecosystem restoration through Nature-based Solutions.
2) Enhance stakeholder engagement to increase socioeconomic benefits at host destinations and across the value chain.
3) Enable peer action, and government engagement, and traveler behavior change.
4) Increase and share knowledge through the dissemination or development of tools, resources guidelines, and other knowledge products.
5) Drive policy change in collaboration with the Ocean Panel and wider country outreach and engagement.

The Caribbean Community | Caribbean Development Bank |  Conservation International  | Caribbean Tourism Organization | European Bank for Reconstruction and Development | Global Environment Facility | Global Sustainable Tourism Council | The George Washington University | Hurtigruten Group | Hyatt Hotels Corporation | Iberostar Group | Intrepid Travel | International Union for Conservation of Nature | IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group | Professional Association of Driving Instructors | Pacific Asia Travel Association | Planeterra/G Adventures | Queensland Tourism Industry Council | Royal Caribbean International | Solimar International | Sustentur | The Ocean Foundation | The Travel Foundation, United Nations Environment Programme | United Nations World Tourism Organization | World Bank Group | World Tourism & Travel Council | World Wildlife Foundation   

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