Our Mission

The Coalition brings together businesses, the financial sector, NGOs, and IGOs, leading the way towards a sustainable tourism ocean economy. These leaders are committed to collective action and knowledge sharing to achieve the vision.

Our Vision

Marine and Coastal tourism that is collaborative and regenerative, enables environmental and climate resilience, integrates into local economies and generates economic benefits and social inclusion of communities and Indigenous Peoples while enhancing the traveler experience and resident’s wellbeing.

Our Activities

  1. Drive collective action to build resilience by measurably increasing coastal and marine protection and ecosystem restoration through Nature-based Solutions.
  2. Enhance stakeholder engagement to increase socioeconomic benefits at host destinations and across the value chain.
  3. Enable peer action, and government engagement, and traveler behavior change.
  4. Increase and share knowledge through the dissemination or development of tools, resources guidelines, and other knowledge products.
  5. Drive policy change in collaboration with the Ocean Panel and wider country outreach and engagement. 
Media Contact: Stephanie Westhelle
Media Contact Email: [email protected]