Board of Advisors

Lindsey Sexton

Founder at Palapa

Lindsey is an environmental policy and community engagement professional with more than a decade of experience serving nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, foundations, and communities. She is the former Founder of 52 Islands, a nonprofit focused on assisting the world’s most at risk island communities with preparing for climate change impacts, and she is the current head of Palapa, a project to create pop-up community spaces that help people reconnect to their selves, each other, and nature. After spending time in collective communities in islands of the South Pacific and in Mexico, Lindsey believes that establishing authentic connections, within and outside one’s community, is one of the most important tools for building resilience in the face of economic, political, social, and environmental change. Lindsey is passionate about creating regenerative systems that bring humans in harmony with nature. She lives in Boulder, Colorado and enjoys Latin dancing and writing poetry.