Authors: Linwood H. Pendleton
Publication Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Economic And Market Value Of America’s Coasts And Estuaries: What’s At Stake examines the current state of what we know about the economic contribution of coasts and estuaries to six major sectors of the U.S. economy: gross state and domestic product, fisheries, energy infrastructure, marine transportation, real estate, and recreation. The book provides an introduction to the economics of coasts and estuaries, with clear and accessible explanations of the way in which coastal ecosystems contribute to the U.S. economy. The book also serves as a unique and invaluable reference guide to the current literature on the economics of coastal systems. Edited by Linwood H. Pendleton, this volume includes chapters by: Matthew A. Wilson and Stephen Farber; Charles S. Colgan; Douglas Lipton and Stephen Kasperski; David E. Dismukes, Michelle L. Barnett and Kristi A. R. Darby; Di Jin; Judith T. Kildow, and Linwood Pendleton (from Amazon).

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