Credit Suisse

Special Project

In 2020 The Ocean Foundation collaborated with Credit Suisse and Rockefeller Asset Management (RAM), a division of Rockefeller Capital Management, on the launch of the Ocean Engagement Strategy, meeting the increasing demand from institutional and private investors to invest in the Blue Economy. This thematic equity fund focuses on company engagement to drive alpha and ocean health on three ocean-related themes: Pollution Prevention, Carbon Transition and Ocean Conservation. As investment manager, Credit Suisse provides top down advice on positioning of the strategy, while The Ocean Foundation, in its capacity as advisor to the strategy, helps to define the investment universe of company targets. Credit Suisse and RAM, who partnered to jointly launch the strategy, aim to advise and steer portfolio companies towards improving their ocean harming practices, through active dialogue with their management teams. They also intend to engage with companies in order to promote ocean health and publish yearly impact reports for their investors.