What does the word “community” mean to us?

We believe our “community” consists of all who rely on the ocean and its ecosystems – that’s all of us on Earth. 

Because, regardless of where you live, everyone benefits from a healthy ocean. It provides us with food, jobs, livelihoods, recreation, aesthetics, and the air we breathe; it’s our biggest carbon sink; and it regulates our planet’s weather.

The communities that contribute the least to global emissions are unfortunately the communities with the most to lose, as they are disproportionately affected by extreme weather patterns, sea level rise, decreasing food security and disruptions to the global economy.

We strive to bridge the gap between philanthropy – which has historically given the ocean only 7% of environmental grantmaking, and ultimately, less than 1% of all philanthropy – with the communities that need this funding for marine science and conservation the most. Your contribution is invaluable for all who fight to preserve their natural resources while increasing our collective climate resilience against what is to come.

Because we raise every dollar we spend, your generosity has helped provide us with the resources necessary to protect the ocean and coasts – and the communities that depend on them.

Your donation helps us do what we do best:

Networks Coalitions and Collaboratives

Conservation Initiatives

We’ve launched initiatives on the topics of ocean science equity, ocean literacy, blue carbon, and plastic pollution to fill gaps in global ocean conservation work and build lasting relationships.

Community foundation services

We turn your talents and ideas into sustainable solutions that promote healthy ocean ecosystems and benefit the communities that depend on them.

Tell Us Your Ocean Story

We’re asking our ocean community – that’s you – to share photos and recollections of your earliest ocean memories that fuel us with day-to-day inspiration as we work to address global challenges. Tell us your story, and we’ll feature some as part of our Community Foundation Campaign! 

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Every dollar we raise will fund marine environments and change lives across the ocean.