ECO Magazine is partnering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and The Ocean Foundation to produce a special edition on sea-level rise. The ‘Rising Seas’ edition is the second publication announced in ECO’s 2021 digital series, which aims to showcase solutions to the ocean’s most prevalent issues.

We are interested in written, video, and audio submissions related to initiatives, new knowledge, partnerships, or innovative solutions that are relevant to the following:

  1. Our Rising Seas: The latest research on global sea-level rise and the current state of climate science.
  2. Tools for Measuring Coastal Change: Modelling, measuring, predicting rising seas and shoreline change.
  3. Nature and Nature-Based Solutions (NNBS) and Living Shorelines: Best practices and lessons learned.
  4. Sustainable Finance and Governance: Example models and calls for new policy, governance and regulatory frameworks; sustainable financing challenges and approaches.
  5. Rising Seas and Society: Challenges and opportunities in island communities, community-based solutions and economic vulnerability impacts of rising seas.

Those wishing to submit content should fill out the submission form as soon as possible, available now. Articles invited for publication need to be submitted by June 14, 2021.

Read more about this partnership here.