As part of the three day Sustainable Seafood Summit, SeaWeb and The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) hosted the cook-off, “Lionfish Challenge – Malicious but Delicious!”  The event – emceed by Barton Seaver, author and TOF Board of Advisors member – aimed to spread awareness about the need for increased fishing of this invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  Seven celebrity chefs (see list below) were tasked with incorporating the poisonous lionfish into signature dishes.  “We hope this event will help increase awareness of the destructive impact of lionfish and highlight how chefs have the power to influence the marketplace and help drive viable solutions to pervasive problems,” said Jason Patlis, president and CEO of NMSF. 

Participating Chefs

Brian Barber – Charleston, South Carolina
Xavier Deshayes – Washington, DC
Eric Damidot – New Orleans, Louisiana
Jean-Philippe Gaston – Houston Texas
Dana Honn – New Orleans, Louisiana
Roberto Leoci – Savannah, Georgia
John Mirabella – Marathon, Florida