Mijenta’s donation will benefit The Ocean Foundation’s work supporting underserved island and coastal communities

NEW YORK, NY [April 1, 2022]Mijenta, the award-winning, sustainable and additive-free tequila made in the highlands of Jalisco, announces today that it is joining forces with The Ocean Foundation (TOF), the only community foundation for the ocean, working to reverse the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. In addition to Mijenta’s recent partnership with Whales of Guerrero, a community driven organization working to conserve the same ecosystem where humpback whales reproduce each year, the collaboration furthers Mijenta’s efforts to cultivate long lasting practices to preserve and restore the health and abundance of the coasts and ocean for the wellbeing of the planet.

Mijenta is thrilled to be donating $5 from each bottle sold towards The Ocean Foundation for the month of April in honor of Earth Month, with a minimum donation of $2,500. The increasingly severe effects of climate change are resulting in recurring and widespread loss to highly vulnerable people living near coastal areas and floodplains, however, healthy coastal ecosystems act as extremely effective natural wave barriers that protect these communities. The Ocean Foundation’s mission is to support, strengthen, and promote organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. In addition to funding projects for the past two decades, The Ocean Foundation has launched several initiatives to fill gaps in conservation work, leading contributions to ocean acidification, blue carbon, and plastic pollution.

“As the global community comes together in the Republic of Palau later this month to discuss bold new commitments to ocean conservation — at the Our Ocean Conference — Mijenta’s contribution to The Ocean Foundation’s work supporting underserved island and coastal communities is quite timely,” says Mark J. Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation. “TOF’s approach in working with local communities toward long-term synergistic change is in line with Mijenta’s ethos of sustainable communities.”

“We chose to partner with The Ocean Foundation as community building and sustainable issues are at the core of both The Ocean Foundation and Mijenta. We share the same commitment to preserving the environment and educating key stakeholders on important topics such as marine and land conservation, sustainable tourism, and reduction of carbon footprints,” says Elise Som, Mijenta’s Co-founder and Director of Sustainability. “We are thrilled to further our commitment to restoring coastlines and supporting nonprofits working to restore the environment.”

Earth Day on April 22 and World Oceans Day on June 8 are reminders that community conservation and education is essential to take steps in healing the planet and all of its living animals for both the near and far future.

From farm to bottle, Mijenta and its foundes are committed to sustainable practices throughout production and ensuring the company is a carbon neutral operation. Working with Climate Partner, Mijenta was completely carbon neutral in 2021, offsetting 706T of CO2 (equivalent to planting 60,000 trees) through the Forest Protection Project in Chiapas Mexico. All components of the product are purchased directly from Mexico and everything is sourced sustainably, down to the packaging, which is made from Agave waste. Mijenta looks at every angle and works with vendors to reduce waste wherever they can — for example, using a folding technique rather than glue for the box. In conjunction with Mijenta’s own efforts to reverse environmental impact, Mijenta is dedicated to helping cultivate long lasting practices for brands and organizations beyond its own.

For more information and updates please visit www.mijenta-tequila.com and www.oceanfdn.org or follow Mijenta Tequila on Instagram at www.instagram.com/mijentatequila.


Mijenta is all natural and does not contain any additives such as artificial aromas, flavors, and sweetness. Each element of Mijenta’s unique tequila crafting journey is carefully calibrated to create the offering’s signature aromatic palette. Mijenta exclusively uses fully mature, certified Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco. It achieves its distinctive flavor profile through a meticulously slow process and traditional methods, ranging from the selection of agaves from the best plots, to rich fermentation of slow cooked agaves to the delicate distillation and pot stills. Precise cuts in the heads and tails of the plants help control temperatures and account for the cool mornings in the highlands.


Mijenta is built on the desire to maintain nature and all the wonders it has to offer, seeking to reverse environmental impact through actions carried out at all stages of the life cycle. That is why sustainability is at the heart of Mijenta’s process, including its design and packaging. All paper-related components (label and box) are made of agave waste and the organization actively supports local businesses and communities by purchasing packaging elements from Mexico. From farm to bottle, Mijenta is committed to sustainable practices, minimizing our environmental impact, and maximizing the community’s energy efficiency.


Community runs central to Mijenta’s philosophy, and we are humbled to partner with some of the best and brightest at what they do. The Mijenta Foundation was created to support local members of the community – such as Don José Amezola García, a third generation jimador, and his son – in the protection and preservation of their ancestral skills. Mijenta works hand in hand with local businesses and communities, directly re-investing a portion of profits, offering healthcare assistance, and providing assistance for team members and their families.


Preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of the people of Jalisco’s history and traditions, Mijenta collects legends and myths that are centuries old and have been passed from farmers to jimadores and craftsmen to artists. Legend says that when the sun secretly meets with the moon, the most beautiful maguey plants are born. When they grow, the fields blend with the sky and they become a mesmerizing gift to humankind. For centuries, loving hands of ancestral farmers carefully harvested the precious agave and turned it into a masterpiece.

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About Mijenta

Mijenta is an award-winning, sustainable, additive-free tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, offering a unique super premium proposition. The spirit was created by a passionate collective who believes in doing well by doing right, and is crafted by Mexico based Maestra Tequilera Ana Maria Romero. Inspired by legends, Mijenta celebrates the best of the land, culture, and people of Mexico, exclusively using fully mature, certified Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, a region renowned for its rich red soils and microclimate. Mijenta launched in September with its first expression, Blanco, followed by Reposado in December 2020. Mijenta is available online at shopmijenta.com and reservebar.com and at fine retailers in selected states.

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About The Ocean Foundation

As the only community foundation for the ocean, The Ocean Foundation’s 501(c)(3) mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. It focuses its collective expertise on emerging threats in order to generate cutting edge solutions and better strategies for implementation. The Ocean Foundation executes core programmatic initiatives to combat ocean acidification, advance blue resilience and address global marine plastic pollution. It also fiscally hosts more than 50 projects across 25 countries. 

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Jason Donofrio, The Ocean Foundation
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