PocketChange selects The Ocean Foundation as the #1 charity to support for ocean conservation

PocketChange, an action facilitation company, partners with The Ocean Foundation to enable micro-giving online in one click based on organic content people engage with.

PocketChange announced they have selected The Ocean Foundation as the #1 charity to support for ocean conservation at the root using their proprietary charity selection process. The ‘tech for social good’ company out of Denver utilized their massive charity research and selection process to pick The Ocean Foundation for the cause of Ocean Conservation. The research is based primarily on financial efficiency, sustainable impact, approach diversity, sustainable impact, and total transparency. They select organizations tackling world problems at the root and have now analyzed a total of 1.1 million charities through their process to select 102.

PocketChange is the first ever ‘Like’ button that actually helps the world. It’s a technology that lets you instantly micro-give $0.25-$2.00 to any cause you’re passionate about using social media. It’s a browser extension that adds a ‘PocketChange’ button to your Facebook next to the like, comment, and share section. As you see a post talking about a cause, something relating to the ocean, sea life or water in this case, the PocketChange Button is there to take action. It uses AI technology to analyze the post, determine which causes that post is talking about, and matches the MOST IMPACTFUL charity tackling that cause at the root. (Their 22-person research team hand picked The Ocean Foundation to tackle ocean conservation). Now, you can turn your passion into action on any post. You care, you click, PocketChange does the rest.


Break down barriers to action, tackle problems at the root, and enable human incredibility. Let’s go change the world. 

Imagine if EVERYWHERE you interacted with something inspiring: social media, a news article, blog posts, YouTube, or when talking to Alexa, you had PocketChange to take action in under 10 seconds. Let’s empower anyone to take action on anything, anywhere. If everyone gives a little, the world will change a lot. 

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