After logging in thousands of miles traveling from one end of the earth to the other following a plucky little bird on its near miraculous migration, and then spending more than a year assembling this amazing story, The Ocean Foundation’s author, Deborah Cramer is set to release her new book, The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, An Ancient Crab and An Epic Journey, in April 2015.  You can currently preorder her new work on AmazonSmile, where you can select The Ocean Foundation to receive 0.5% of the profits.  Read more about it on her blog.


Praise for The Narrow Edge

“Deborah Cramer has crafted a remarkable tale of science, nature, and humanity. She takes us on a sweeping adventure as she paints the portrait of an unimaginably hardy yet threatened bird.”

—Susan Solomon, author of The Coldest March

“The long journey of a tiny bird is powered by the energy-rich eggs of horseshoe crabs, ancient creatures of sea and coast whose blood plays a critical but little-known role protecting human health. Cramer brilliantly presents us with an ecosystem of many parts.”

—Donald Kennedy, President Emeritus, Stanford University

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