works to support the reduction of plastic in our waterways and ocean by providing a much-needed meta-level overview so that those concerned can more easily find out about organizations and initiatives and get involved. is re-shuffling the deck and re-dealing the cards, making make media actionable – from online learning to offline action in the world, back to online reporting and project-tracking. media portal, PLASTIC, introduces users to stories about Game Changers in a Plastic Innovation Network so the right-hand knows what the left hand is doing. From plastic impacts on biodiversity to plastic as a supply chain problem to innovation in plastic alternatives to microplastics in ecology and human health, our community of thousands is sharing knowledge, tracking eco-impacts, and developing new models.

earthDECKS social platform for collaborative-intelligence (CIQ) is evolving into the ultimate prosocial “meet up” for social change on and offline, a place to find others with related views. We’re enabling solutions that mutually support each other in a collaborative gamespace, sharing new models so environmental projects can better tap a diversity of disciplines and talents.

PETRI [Planet Earth Teaching and Research Initiative] supports interactive learning, starting with our PLASTIC app, which can be adapted for diverse users. Students choose their paths through this knowledge space, learning and exchanging with others in a global network.

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