Ocean Connectors is an interdisciplinary education program that links students in San Diego, California and Nayarit, Mexico to foster the view of a shared global environment and to promote an early interest in environmental issues. Ocean Connectors uses migratory marine species such as sea turtles, whales, and sea birds as case studies to teach stewardship. This program targets underserved schools that lack the means necessary to educate students about the natural world, thus addressing a critical community issue and filling a gap in public school curriculums. Ocean Connectors actively involves children and families in coastal conservation, and participants learn that we possess a great responsibility to protect marine resources.

Ocean Connectors reaches students in grades four to six through free year-round events, including presentations by guest speakers, hands-on classroom science activities, and binational letter writing exchanges, which serve the important purpose of illustrating the interconnectedness of oceans. Students attend field trips that bring them into close contact with the remarkable marine creatures found locally, and their habitats. Students visit beaches, wildlife refuges, and nature centers, where they experience whale watching, habitat restoration and marine recreation. This is a unique program that incorporates reading, writing, art, culture, geography, language studies, and physical activity into conservation lessons. Ocean Connectors supports academic standards and the Ocean Literacy Principles, helping to build excitement around learning in the coastal outdoors. To make a payment to Ocean Connectors click here.

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