Alexis Valauri-Orton

Program Officer

Alexis joined TOF in 2016 where she managed program initiatives and activities. She currently leads the Ocean Science Equity Initiative and previously developed and managed programs related to social marketing and behavior change. In her capacity as manager of Ocean Science Equity, she leads international training workshops for scientists, policymakers, and seafood sector workers, develops low-cost systems for responding to ocean acidification, and manages a multiyear strategy for enabling countries around the world to address ocean acidification. She currently serves on the International Experts Group on Ocean Acidification.

Prior to joining TOF Alexis worked for the Fish Forever program at Rare, as well as for the ocean acidification programs at Ocean Conservancy and Global Ocean Health. She holds a magna cum laude degree with honors in Biology and Environmental Studies from Davidson College and was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study how ocean acidification might affect marine-dependent communities in Norway, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and Peru. She highlighted her research during this fellowship as a plenary speaker at the Inaugural Our Ocean Conference in Washington, DC. She has previously published work on cellular toxicology and curriculum design. Beyond the ocean, Alexis’ other love is music: she plays flute, piano, and sings and regularly attends and performs at concerts around town.

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