Anne Louise Burdett


Anne Louise is an agroecologist, conservation scientist and educator. She has a background of fifteen+ years working in plant conservation, ecology, sustainable agriculture and community organizing. Her experience working in different settings and communities to support resilience building and equitable systems has led to bridging her terrestrial work with marine science. Anne Louise is interested in working at the amphibious edges of land and sea, at the intersection of anthropogenic impact and changing ecosystems and their vulnerabilities and interdependencies.

She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Marine and Atmospheric Science in the departments of Marine Conservation & Coastal and Ecological Resilience. Her studies at large focus on climate change, vulnerability and adaptation, community-based natural resource sharing and management, and science communication. More specifically, in her current projects she is focused on coastal habitat restoration, such as mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, and coral reefs, as well as associations and protections of marine megafauna and threatened species. 

Anne Louise is also a writer and artist with works based in ecological literacy, curiosity and hope. She is excited about continuing to make performances and work to support accessible science communication and engagement, and to foster participation and interest in the nested ecologies around us of which we are all a part. 

Her approach is through a lens of mutual aid, community based climate resilience, and outright wonder.