Eva Lukonits

Social Media Manager

Eva is the Social Media Manager at The Ocean Foundation. She’s responsible for implementing The Ocean Foundation’s social media strategy and for all the cool content you’ll find on our channels. Before joining TOF, she developed a robust knowledge and skillset in digital communications at the busy embassy field of D.C. She successfully built a strong presence and an engaged audience for the Embassy of Hungary. She’s creative, truly motivated, and always on the lookout for the newest best practices and tactics when it comes to social media. She’s also keen on working closely with the program managers and engaging TOF’s audiences to create more interesting and exciting content on the importance of ocean conservation. Her main career goal is to expand her expertise and experiences by creating meaningful, genuinely good impacts on our future. This mission-driven inner calling led her to The Ocean Foundation.

Eva has a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy and did her undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. She’s committed to living what she speaks, juggling through a plant-based lifestyle, minimizing waste production, and keeping up her positive mentality through self-care and volunteering. When she’s not working hard on ocean issues, she loves going on long walks with her rescue pup Suzy and traveling to warmer climates or visit her friends and family in Hungary.

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