Board of Advisors

Jonathan Smith

Strategic Communications Professional

Jonathan Smith helps people connect and take action on critical issues. With over 20 years of professional experience spanning more than 27 countries, Jonathan works with experts, advocates and philanthropists to develop effective storytelling, simple messaging, and collective action that builds value for stakeholders and momentum for change.

In addition to advising governments, companies and organizations as a private consultant, Jonathan has served in a variety of prominent leadership roles.  He was the Senior Deputy Director for Communications & Public Engagement for the successful 2012 UN Climate Change Conference (COP18); the Senior Advisor for Sustainability and Strategic Communications in the State of Qatar’s National Food Security Program; and President of Global Alerts, LLC—the tech company that developed AmberAlertTM, 1-800-CleanUp, Earth911, and other public service platforms. He has advised more than 50 political campaigns, successfully lobbied on behalf environmental initiatives, and served on three delegations to the UN General Assembly. He has produced two National Geographic expeditions and more than 80 documentary films on water, climate and energy issues.

Smith lives in Brooklyn, NY where he is active in a variety of community projects. He serves on the board of the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and is an award-winning author and professional speaker.