Board of Advisors

Kerry Mayorga

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, FUTR Impact Capital, Inc.

Kerry Mayorga is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of FUTR Impact Capital, Inc. in Miami, Florida. She is a scientist, and a visionary leader, and has decades of experience in sustainability, sustainable farming, and in ESG Investing.

Her COO role at FUTR Impact Capital leverages her experience of over 20 years as co-founder of Mayorga Coffee, a global enterprise that empowers farmers and their communities by creating direct market opportunities for their sustainably grown, organic products, including coffee. She co-founded a successful organic foods business and retail coffee locations in Washington, DC, following graduate school at George Washington University.  

Along with co-founder and interactive design executive Jason Inasi, Mayorga is leading a novel FUTR ecosystem that gives changemakers the digital tools, mentorship, resources, and funding to accelerate growth, measure impact, and scale innovative solutions to counter the effects of climate change.

Mayorga is uniquely positioned to support the FUTR Impact Capital mission. Since the launch of Mayorga coffee in 1997, Mayorga has had a strong history of being a woman trailblazer in direct sourcing of organic coffee and foods, sustainability in farming, and environmental issues.