María Alejandra Navarrete Hernández

Governments and Multilateral Liaison Officer

Alejandra has been working in the national and international environmental law field since 1992. She has experience in working side-by-side with Ministers and the office of the President of Mexico, including in the creation and enactment of several national presidential commissions such as the “Commission on Climate Change and the Seas and Coasts.” She was most recently, the National Project Coordinator for the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem, a GEF Project “Implementation of the Strategic Action Program for the GOM LME,” between Mexico and US. She moved into this lead role after serving as the legal and public policy expert for the “Integrated assessment and management of the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem.” In 2012, she was consultant for UNEP for the UNDAF review and drafted as coauthor the “National Environmental Summary 2008-2012 for Mexico.

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