Board of Advisors

Roshan T. Ramessur, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Roshan T. Ramessur is currently Chair of the Steering Committee for Ocean Acidification- East Africa (OA- East Africa) and   has developed an OA White Paper for East Africa. His research interests and publications at the University of Mauritius are in the field of biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and trace metals and ocean acidification. He is leading OA projects under WIOMSA, GOA-ON (Global Ocean Acidification- Observing Network), The Ocean Foundation (Washington, D.C),  IAEA-OA-ICC and University of Mauritius Funding after participating in the OA Workshop in Hobart, Tasmania in May 2016, WIOMSA meeting in Mombasa in Feb 2019 and Hangzhou, China in June 2019. He hosted the OA Workshop under the ApHRICA Project at the University of Mauritius in July 2016 with funding from The Ocean Foundation (Washington D.C), IAEA-OA-ICC and the U.S State Department, collaborates under OAIE and coordinated the WIOMSA -OA Special session during the 11th WIOMSA symposium in Mauritius in June 2019.

He has also been lead ICZM trainer under RECOMAP- EU and has participated in a number of conferences and workshops in the Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America and is also coordinating on the OMAFE Project with INPT and ECOLAB on coastal pollution on the west coast of Mauritius. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Marine Sciences from the University of North Wales, Bangor and has been a former UK Commonwealth Scholar.