Board of Advisors

Sergio d Mello e Souza

Founder and COO, Brazil

Sergio is an entrepreneur who uses his leadership skills to promote sustainability. He is the founder and COO of BRASIL1, a company based in Rio de Janeiro that organizes special events in the areas of sports and entertainment. Prior to founding BRASIL1, he was the Operations Director for Clear Channel Entertainment in Brazil. Early in his career, Sergio worked for the State Tourism Commission and helped develop an ecologically friendly approach for the industry. Since 1988, Sergio has participated in many non-profit organization projects, including a research program for the Atlantic Rainforest and later an educational campaign in the northeast of Brazil to stop the slaughter of dolphins and to protect manatees. He also organized campaigns and special events for the Rio 92 Eco-Conference. He joined the Surfrider Foundation Board of Directors in 2008, and has been an active supporter of the organization since 2002 in Brazil. He is also a member of the The Climate Reality Project. He has, since an early age, been consistently involved in initiatives and projects to protect the environment. Sergio lives with his wife Natalia in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.