The Ocean Foundation is proud to kick-off our new partnership with PADI today by helping divers reduce their carbon footprint through contributions to SeaGrass Grow. SeaGrass Grow is included under Community Goal 4 as part of PADI’s AWARE Week. PADI has partnered with The Ocean Foundation to offer the PADI Community a means of engaging with seagrass, mangrove and salt marsh conservation and restoration, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and support the foundations of life in the ocean.

Together, PADI and Project AWARE are inspiring a powerful community of Torchbearers, committed to exploring and protecting our ocean, shining a light on what’s possible, and leading communities towards a sustainable future.

In celebration of the ocean, AWARE Week is taking place from 19th – 27th September 2020! The global event includes activities focused on tackling the marine debris crisis, creating awareness for a plastic-free ocean, and empowering local communities to take positive actions for the protection of fragile aquatic environments, fins on and fins off.

Under the theme – Carry The Torch For Ocean Protection – PADI’s global dive community is invited to join the growing movement of PADI® Torchbearers during AWARE Week to take action for the ocean, above and below the surface.

Click here to learn more about how TOF’s SeaGrass Grow is working with PADI.