I’m oftentimes told by friends, that they feel impotent in the face of such overwhelming problems with the sea and the environment. That their personal small steps, i.e., don’t use plastic, recycle, clean up beaches, sign petitions, yell on Facebook, etc. feel insufficient.

I say – they are sufficient. Each and every effort made toward creating solutions to both stem the tide of degradation and clean up what has already occurred makes a difference. So, to each and every one of us I suggest:

If you are a writer, write.
If you are a painter, paint.
If you are an artist, create.
If you are a photographer, take pictures.
If you are a teacher, educate.
If you are a lawyer, legislate.
If you are a scientist, research.
If you are a journalist, broadcast.
If you are politician, campaign.
If you are a government official, make policy.
If you are a volunteer, help.
If you are a filmmaker, make a movie.
If you are a nutritionist, talk diet.
If you are a doctor, heal.
If you are a nurse, care.
If you are an every-day-human, love.
If you are an investor, finance.
If you are a banker, support.
If you are a judge, protect.

The ocean belongs to all of us. She is in our care. None of us can afford to ignore whatever talents we might bear to create solutions. Let’s surprise ourselves with our efforts.