Misty White Sidell, Women’s Wear Daily

Call them the diamonds of the sea. Jewelry made from Mediterranean red coral has found a new, unprecedented level of desirability among Chinese consumers — whose insatiable penchant for the rare marine skeletons and their fortuitous red color has sent their cost skyrocketing by up to 500 percent in the last three years. But a double whammy of human disturbance — direct by overfishing and indirect by climate change — has left the sea’s slow-growing red coral population in a state of decimation.

The CITES induction (to protect red coral) did not pass — a failure that ocean activists blamed on commercial interests. “Italy really pushed the European Union to oppose this listing — they were anxious that high-profit sales to Chinese and others would disappear as a result of international trade restrictions, so the listing did not succeed under this pressure,” said Mark J. Spalding, president of The Ocean Foundation.

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