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Ocean Acidification Day of Action

In 2018, The Ocean Foundation launched its Waves of Change campaign to raise awareness of the issue of ocean acidification, culminating with the Ocean Acidification Day of Action on January 8, 2019.


CURRENTS provides tools for taking action, while raising funds and awareness to help defend, protect, and preserve the causes our donors want to support.


SeaWeb’s mission is to raise public awareness, to advance science-based solutions and mobilize decision-makers around ocean conservation.

SeaGrass Grow

SeaGrass Grow is the first and only blue carbon calculator – planting and protecting coastal wetlands to fight climate change.

Plastic Trash on Beach

Redesigning Plastics Initiative

Why Redesign Plastics? 50 years of exponential growth in plastic production has created more than 500 years of durable, persistent pollution. The burden of using plastic responsibly should not solely …


Sustainable Aquaculture

Sustainable aquaculture could be the key to feeding our growing population. Currently, 42% of the seafood we consume is farmed, but there are no regulations that constitute what “good” aquaculture …

Scientist at our Ocean Acidification Monitoring Workshop in Fiji collecting water samples

International Ocean Acidification Initiative

Across the globe, seawater chemistry is changing faster than at any time in earth’s history. As increased carbon dioxide emissions dissolve into the ocean, its chemical makeup is altered, becoming …

Blue Resilience Initiative

The increasingly severe effects of climate change on coastal communities is resulting in recurring and widespread loss of property and human lives. The devastation inflicted by strengthening storm events and …

Ocean waves crashing on shore

71% Initiative

Ocean resources are shared and relied upon by all. Inherited jointly and freely, the ocean, coasts and marine ecosystems are held in trust for future generations. At The Ocean Foundation, …