The opening reception for the 2016 SeaWeb Seafood Summit celebrated the formal launch of the partnership between SeaWeb and The Ocean Foundation.  As President of both organizations, Mark Spalding spoke to the crowd gathered in at the summit St. Julian’s, Malta on January 31.

“The Ocean Foundation is proud to take SeaWeb under its wing.  The boards of directors for the two organizations are excited about the future. In doing so, we stand on the shoulders of pioneers and thought leaders in seafood sustainability Vikki Spruill and Dawn Martin (the two previous CEOs of SeaWeb). We stand on the success of now 12 SeaWeb Seafood Summits. We stand with the SeaWeb team everyone has come to trust: Ned Daly, Devin Harvey, and Marida Hines.  And, we are keeping Dawn Martin close to us as a member of our new combined boards. We stand with the Summit’s key partner Diversified Communications.  Together we are seeking to reach more industry leaders and expand our geographic reach.  We thank them for so generously sponsoring this reception. We plan to build strength of the Summit and the sustainable seafood movement to include the full spectrum of sustainability: economic, ecological and socio-cultural.  Building a future of corporate social responsibility, human stewardship and sound governance for the ocean. In doing so, we will maintain the SeaWeb Seafood Summit as the premier conference on seafood sustainability.  We will seek to drive real behavior change, and thus change our relationship with the Sea. After all, she feeds us.”


Mark J. Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation and CEO & President of SeaWeb

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Mark J. Spalding, Dawn M. Martin (Board member), Angel Braestrup (Board member) and Marida Hines (SeaWeb)