Board of Advisors

Agnieszka Rawa

Managing Director, West Africa

Agnieszka Rawa leads MCC’s $21.8 million Data Collaboratives for Local Impact partnership to empower people and communities to use data to improve lives and drive sustainable development. This involves a systems approach and strategic investments like the Tanzania dLab and Sejen to build data skills and improve decisions, Innovation Challenges, fellowships (Des Chiffres et des Jeunes), and efforts to make data relevant through listening campaigns, citizen mapping, and art. Prior to 2015, Agnieszka led MCC’s Africa portfolios totaling $4 billion of investments in infrastructure and policy reform in the education, health, water & sanitation, agriculture, power and transportation sectors.  Before joining MCC, Ms. Rawa spent 16 years in the private sector and was an equity partner in a global consulting firm where she worked in socio-environmentally complex areas of South America and the Middle East & North Africa. Ms. Rawa graduated from Stanford University; was a Donella Meadows Sustainability Fellow and is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Polish. Her passion for sustainable development and novel approaches to achieve a better world began in Tangier where she spent 15 years of her childhood.