Welcome to our first-ever holiday gift guide for those who wish to purchase gifts through our partners. By purchasing these items, you’ll be directly helping us keep the ocean clean and healthy. Feel good about buying these gifts that will keep on giving!



The Poke Company

Visiting Palm Beach, Florida, this winter? Order a Saturday meal and support The Ocean Foundation with the “Saturdays are for the Sea” campaign.



Amazon Smile

Connect Amazon Smile to your personal Amazon account and a portion of every online Amazon purchase will go to TOF all year long.



Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi offsets its carbon footprint through Seagrass Grow donations. Eat fantastic carbon-neutral, sustainably sourced sushi at any of their restaurants.



North Coast Brewing Co.

Sales of their Stellar IPA beer and merchandise go towards the North Coast Brewing Marine Mammal Fund.



Richard Salas Photography Books

Underwater photographer Richard Salas is giving a book to each donor who gives $300 or more to The Ocean Foundation.
Check out his site!




Donate with ease directly to TOF through PayPal.



Band of Tolerance

10% of the Bands of Tolerance bracelet sales go to TOF.



Bears’ Tavern

For our French donors, portions of Bears’ Tavern beer sales go directly to TOF.



Igzu Tea

1% of Igzu Tea sales goes directly to Seagrass Grow.



In2Green Eco Luxury Blankets

Purchase a seagrass blanket through In2Green and 10% goes directly to TOF. Receive 20% off your purchase of any of their “blue” products
with the promo code OceanFoundation20.



Vitamin Sea Clothing

Purchase clothing from Vitamin Sea. Proceeds will go directly to TOF to support the 71% Fund.



Nautical Sun Beads

​10% of every purchase goes to TOF to help fund ocean acidification research, along with sea turtle and coral reef conservation.



Fundraise for Your Favorite Ocean Topic

For the other ocean lovers in your life, you can help them create a custom fundraising page to support the marine passions you both care about. You can customize the page, set your own goals, and add your own story and photos. Share the page with your friends and family and expand ocean awareness. Our friends Elina & John have already raised over $2,000 to support coral reef conservation and protection!


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We work with some great people marketing great ideas and great products. If you want to join our elite business partnerships, send us an email!