ON-BK435_PenPhi_G_20150513173918.jpgWe at The Ocean Foundation envisioned an unprecedented ocean-centric investment fund.  Thus, over 5 years we reviewed over 3,000 companies looking for products and services that are “actively good for the ocean.” 

In 2012 we co-launched the Rockefeller Ocean Strategy, as an international, all cap, private placement in active, long-only publicly traded securities.  As such, it is a “Triple-Screened Fund.”  TOF screens each company with ocean health in mind, and provides Rockefeller & Co. specialized insight and research on coastal and ocean trends, risks and opportunities.  Rock&Co then screens each company for investment quality and standard CSR criteria.

We hold positions in about 52 companies, and have over $19m under management.  And, we are offering an alternative for those divesting of fossil fuel company stock.  Later this year, we will have a 36 month track record and will be able to seek institutional investors.  Thus, we are well on our way to confirming our thesis that investing in companies that have a product or service that is actively good for the ocean will make profits, and help investors earn income.  And, we are helping make the ocean healthier in the process!

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